About Nicole

Nicole Sahin, Founder, Globalization Partners

Almost a decade ago, Globalization Partners Founder Nicole Sahin changed the rules of international business by creating a quick way for companies to hire anyone, anywhere in the world as easily as they’d hire talent in their own towns.

In eliminating the traditional HR, legal, and tax hurdles companies otherwise face when building global remote teams, Globalization Partners made it turnkey simple—and 100 percent compliant—to expand into new countries and manage international teams.

Now, it’s never been easier or more urgent to access talent around the globe—a move that will be critical for companies looking to remain competitive in an increasingly remote world. Companies like Zoom, Udemy, and Monday.com have looked to Globalization Partners to staff up internationally in very little time.

In her book, Global Talent Unleashed, Nicole lays out the blueprint for leveraging this technology and for taking your company from local to global, literally overnight.

“The potential of the truly global era we are living in is limitless,” Nicole says. “You have the power to harness this vast potential for your business using the tools in this book. The time to go global is now.”

A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Nicole is a proud graduate of the Semester at Sea program, which laid the foundation for her global mindset. Nicole also secured an MBA in International Management at Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.

She lives with her family in Southern California.


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