Harness the power of Global Talent Unleashed!


Nicole Sahin started a company, and in the process, she launched an industry.

When Nicole launched her company, Globalization Partners, she invented a way for companies to hire anyone, anywhere within minutes. Today, businesses of any size can have access to the best talent in the world—and talent the world over can work for top companies without having to leave their communities and families. At a time when it’s never been easier or more urgent to hire international talent, Globalization Partners is at the forefront of a critical and accelerated trend in global team building.

Global Talent Unleashed is the story of how Nicole made it happen — and also your handbook to hiring the best talent in the world.


Change the way the world works.

Globalization Partners simplifies international business by enabling companies to hire teams in 187 countries quickly and easily — without setting up branch offices or subsidiaries.

A word from Nicole...

Before I started Globalization Partners 10 years ago, it took six to 12 months for a company to establish itself in a new country. At the time, I’d been working for a firm helping businesses, including Tesla and Infinera, set up their own subsidiaries overseas. After repeating this process hundreds of times for different clients, I thought, “What if I set up just one business in each country and gave customers access to those?” Dozens of legal and financial professionals told me it wouldn’t work, but it did.

Today, Globalization Partners employs thousands of people on behalf of our customers, in more than 185 countries. We were named one of the fastest growing companies in America in 2020 by the Financial Times and have won more awards than we can count for building a culture that people love—including our hires around the world, who give us a 98 percent satisfaction rating.

Most importantly, we’ve made it possible for companies everywhere to have access to the best talent in the world by simplifying the process of hiring internationally. The reverse is also true: Workers in all parts of the world can now connect with global employment opportunities, improving the quality of their lives and their families’.

It’s my personal mission to break down barriers for and between people from all walks of life by breaking down barriers to international business. In the future, expanding internationally will be the rule and not the exception. The time to go global is now.
Nicole Sahin, Founder, Globalization Partners

Harness the power of Global Talent Unleashed!

We’re at the forefront of a very accelerated trend in global team building, and it’s never been easier nor more urgent to hire employees around the globe. The time is now, and this is your handbook to maximize the potential of hiring everyone, everywhere. Go global, now!